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In the jewelry business since 1973

The Shiva’s Gold and Gems family has been in the jewelry business for the last three
generations, since 1973. But our story begins much before our arrival to the Caribbean.

Our family opened jewelry stores in Damascus, Syria and Beirut, Lebanon, completely enthralled by the idea that we would be able to provide others with the very same precious pieces that left us mesmerized. We enjoyed years of success, finding home and family, but there was something across the ocean in the serene islands of the Caribbean that called our name.

Our forefathers were attracted to the beauty and novelty, becoming pioneer jewelers once again and turning islands into hubs known for great prices matched with services beyond imagination in fine jewels and timepieces.

While the first generation of our family came to the Caribbean, it was the second generation that made it home, establishing roots in the islands of St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Trident Jewelers and Shiva’s Gold and Gems were founded in these islands, enjoying the fruits of much success and making the coasts known not just for their shimmering turquoise water, but also the glittering diamonds we sold.

With hard work and the support of our family and friends, we have been able to continue to grow and prosper – now with Aruba and St. Maarten as our main islands of business. We are honored to announce that the fourth generation of our family is now proudly continuing our legacy, bringing their own creativity to our ever-evolving family business.

Meet Our Team

The Shiva’s Gold and Gems team is comprised of highly trained, professional individuals. With many of our staff having worked alongside us for generations, they have become family and are just as committed to go the extra mile to provide the absolute best quality at the most reasonable possible prices. Scroll down to meet our team!

St. Maarten

Reshma Ramphal

Ricky Edirisinghe

Andrew Nanwani

Komal Vidhya

Seon Eastman

Danny Babani

Shelly Brijkumar

Mr. Samson

Sunny Sabhnani

Raj Pandey


Larry Munjwani

Marcy Molenaar

Maurice Green

Danny Nayak

Joseph Thomas

Fina Everstz

Minuska Stevens

Dora Lopez

Lal Motwani

Vinnie Jani

Astrid Arcaya

Sunny Tahalyani

Yvonne Maduro

Juliette Langedijk

Mike Vithalani

Eric Lohana

Mark Ganglani